Our private tutoring is one of our most popular services! Our professional instructors have all of the bases covered–from math and physics to history and English. All prospective students should complete and submit the online Student Information Form. Once received, an Academic Advisors staff member will contact you to get started. Also please click the button below to learn more about our specific policies for each of our services. And remember, if you have any questions at all, email us at vinny@academyarete.com.  

Academic Advisors offers two payment options for private tutoring services. Option One: Customer will be required to leave a credit card on file. Tutoring sessions will be charged either after each session or at the end of the month. Customers have the choice. Option Two: Customers that do not want to leave a credit card on file will purchase a block of four (4) tutoring hours, in advance of the tutoring session. Hours will be deducted from the purchased allotment as they are completed. Once the four-hour allotment is used, an additional purchase of four hours will be repeated prior to the next session. Four-hour tutoring block sessions can be easily purchased online at www.ctspeedschool.com under Academic Advisors – Four Hour Tutoring Package ($300.00). Option Three: Pay at Each Session. Customers also have the option of paying by cash or check at the beginning of each tutorial session.Note: additional fees apply for in-home services.

Cancellation Policy. If you need to cancel a scheduled tutoring session, YOU MUST GIVE THE TUTOR 24 HOURS ADVANCE NOTICE. If you fail to give 24 hours advance notice of any cancellation, the missed session will be treated for purposes of remaining tutoring hours, as if the session took place. If the tutor cancels or misses an appointment without 24 hours advance notice to you, you will receive one free session of equivalent hours to the missed session of tutoring in addition to the hours in your program. 

Adult Supervision. Please note that Academic Advisors tutors are not permitted to meet in person with a minor student in a private home unless another adult is present during the entire session. If a tutor arrives for a session and an adult is not present, the tutor will not be able to conduct the session, it will be considered a session canceled by the student without adequate notice, and you will be charged for the session. If the other adult leaves in the middle of a session with a minor student, the tutor will also leave at that time, and you will be charged for the entire session. Tutors may meet in person with minor students in public locations, such as a library or coffee shop, without another adult present. 

Tutor Satisfaction. If you are not happy with the tutor we have assigned to you, please contact Academic Advisors before your second tutorial session. We will assign a new tutor and we will not charge you for the first hour of your first session with your original tutor. If you request a change in the tutor assigned to you after your second tutorial session, you will be charged for all hours used.

Forfeiture of Tutoring Hours. If after you have had your first or subsequent tutoring sessions, there is no tutoring session scheduled for you for over a 90 day period, all unused tutoring hours will be forfeited.